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The most recent series of paintings by Alfredo Faria, created in his room and organized collaboratively in a particular study system, which works as an oniric-flâneur, a wandering inside the human psiché, "in search of provocation and silence".


Alfredo Faria's works establish dynamic ties with their historical exteriority, they are a lyrical response to the gradual processes of the dismemberment of the modern individual.

All his series can never be seen separately, although each piece separated from the set still symbolizes a new meaning since each canvas separately cry out for the reintegration with the whole. Perhaps that is the core of his work, the work of almost five decades: disintegrated, the individual pulsates, latent in memory, as a cog in the puzzle of time.

Thus, each series is not the result of a logical organization as one who in control of existence, but the dialectical result of a creative existence in motion, with its attention-distracted, from the city to the countryside, from the crowd to the solitude, from the ego to the primordial self. They are clues through air spaces, like ghosts that wander with their truths of life - not below not beyond philosophical categories, not wounded with empty adjectives, but just the plastic tangle of the dream threads.

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Goiânia, Brasil

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